Vancouver Office Tower Uses OLED Video Wall To Replace Directory, Renew Lobby

May 2, 2019 by Dave Haynes

This is a tiled LG 2 by 6 OLED video wall built into the lobby wall of an office tower in downtown Vancouver, BC.

The displays are set into a bamboo wood wall set against a granite wall. They replaced a physical building directory.

The project at Park Place, at 666 Burrard Street, was put together and delivered by Vancouver-based solutions provider 10Net, for the property management company QuadReal.

The job required custom mounts to snug tightly into the wall cavity, and because they’re super-skinny OLEDs, they were able to easily fit flush in the cavity.

The custom content was shot with four GoPro cameras, and sync’d as one shot.

“The goal,” says 10Net’s Dan Hagen, “was seasonal ambiance, with life brought to the display with a camera triggering a human count to make birds fly, leaves flutter, clouds move, waves to crash, and so so on.”

“There are also Holosonics directional speakers that mimic what is being activated in the displays,” he adds. “The overall effect is impactful and every changing.”

Very nice. I have grown conditioned to seeing fine-pitch LED used these days for lobby video walls, but this works very well in doing a retrofit for the 35-storey Class AAA tower. It also retains the character established by that lightly-colored bamboo wall.

I like that the property guys are investing in custom creative built for the wide aspect ratio, and the situation.

  1. Jeremy Gavin says:

    Nice job Dan! I love projects that use external data or conditions to trigger changes to the content. Users pick up on that quickly and can engage with the content without even trying. The screens in this project are nothing new right? Its a good reminder a creative approach to the content will help deliver the impact.

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