Samsung Formally Opens New West Coast Briefing Center

April 26, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Samsung has formally opened its latest Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in Irvine, CA, which is in greater LA, in Orange County.

The company already has showroom/conference/event spaces in New Jersey and lower Manhattan, but the 7,500 sq. ft. facility in Irvine is the first on the west coast.

I am pretty sure the EBC has been open for at least a few weeks or months, but yesterday was launch and PR day for the facility. The EBCs are in many ways a fixed trade show exhibit that allows integrators, solutions providers and end-users to come in, see and discuss display tech options when they need to, as opposed to waiting for and traveling to a trade show.

Many to most tech companies in the digital signage ecosystem have some sort of showroom or demo area, but many tend to be fairly modest and limited to the head office. The new-ish NEC head office in Chicago, for example, has characteristics of an EBC.

The big drawing card of the new Samsung EBC is The Wall – an 0.8mm microLED display. As you might expect, Samsung is also showcasing emerging display tech like 8K QLEDs.

I saw the 8K at DSE. Oh my. Saw an LG 8K OLED at ISE, with the screen doubling as the speaker. Oh my, oh my.

Not sure what the use-case arguments are for that kind of pixel density, though – other than medical and science imaging.

But then again, some end-users will want an 8K screen just because.

Samsung invited me out to the opening, but way east coast to way west coast and back in less than 48 hours was too much of a bear of a trip for my brain and bones. Someone from rAVe made it out from Raleigh-Durham, NC, though.

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