From The Podcast Archive: Moment Factory’s Creative Director On Doing Big Visual Projects Around The Globe

April 24, 2019 by Dave Haynes

My ability to record podcasts went sideways 2-3 weeks ago, with some weird glitch that saw my online recording platform just flat refusing to acknowledge I had a microphone plugged in.

Very puzzling, but after lots of trial and error and poking around, I found the issue. Check a box and a couple of weeks of endless frustration just disappeared. But the result was I put off some planned interviews, and there is nothing new I could pull out of the cupboard for this week.

So, this week, pulled from the 16:9 Podcast Archive, we have Sakchin Bessette, the creative director and co-founder of Montreal’s Moment Factory – which could easily be argued is the top creative shop on the planet doing experiential visuals for public spaces.

The creative technology group evolved from a small collective doing VJing and just, basically, having fun doing cool stuff, to doing big-dollar, signature projects around the world. Moment’s people projection-mapped the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. That’s their work in the LAX International Terminal. And at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Moment Factory did the reasonably modest, but awesome, ceiling display in Oakley’s flagship store in New York.

You’ll enjoy the chat.

I should have new material next week and going forward.

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