Samsung Kits Out Shipping Container For Parking Lot Pro AV Tour

April 16, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Pro AV road shows have been a staple of distributors like Almo for many years, and the display companies have also done variations here and there, most notably the big showcases NEC and LG do each year in New York.

But I don’t think I’ve seen one like what Samsung is starting this week. Today, actually.

The Resolution Tour is a modified shipping container that gets rolled into designated spots in U.S. cities, and opened up to show demo technology inside and in the immediate surroundings.

With food trucks, games and lawn chairs, it takes on the feel of football game tailgating, and indeed the first two stops are in the parking lots of NFL stadiums.

Clever idea. No hassle driving into a downtown and finding/paying for expensive parking. People can drop in and out as they want. Samsung can show its outdoor displays OUTDOORS.

And, frankly, I’d imagine arranging access to an empty stadium parking lot on a non-game day is probably monumentally less costly than meeting rooms and catering at a primo downtown hotel, to do a more traditional road tour/showcase thingie.

The counter-argument: rain.

Here’s the landing page for the events. The first one is today in Tampa, and next week it is Houston.


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