Congratulations On 85 Years In Digital Signage!

April 15, 2019 by Dave Haynes

By just about any rational measure, the digital signage industry is about 30 years old – dating back to the start of companies like Scala, Capital Networks and Tightrope.

I am probably missing a company or two, sorry, but you get the idea.

So it was interesting to get an email from a reader that included a screen capture of the search results for digital signage that spits out, right at the top, a Google search ad for a Delaware company that has been offering quality digital signs for 85 years!

This will be some over-zealous marketer playing loose with keywords, and a Google search for digital signage pushes this out at #2. Doesn’t happen for me, as I am in Canada and this company must have a regional campaign going in the US northeast.

The kooky thing is that the sign company doesn’t even do digital signage, unless you want to count low-rez LED read-out message centers on roadside pylons.

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