DSE 2019 Booth Previews: Stratacache Touting Retail And Audience Engagement Transformation

March 21, 2019 by Dave Haynes


Why do people going to DSE need to put your company on their Must See list of booths?
Beyond the bits and bytes, STRATACACHE is the market leader in the use of digital display, sensor and mobile technology to transform consumer experiences with a “marketing first” point of view.

With 1000+ employees, a global footprint in 28 countries and 3.1 million digital displays worldwide, we match the vision with the strategy, experience and delivery capability to make your project a success.

What’s your big marketing message?
We’re driving true retail and audience engagement transformation with a wide array of technology including AI, VR, digital signs, mobile sensors, computer vision technology. Every STRATACACHE digital sign can be a sensor that adds insight and helps your business move the needle.

Ideal profile of attendee walking into your booth?
The customer looking for the strategic partner, not the point solution. We build long, beneficial relationships with the largest companies on the planet by creating win-win opportunities for them to grow their businesses.

How many years have you been showing at DSE and how has the trade show changed?
Since Year 1. The show continues to evolve from pure tech to more customer engagement every year.

What will you be looking for and researching outside of your booth?
We’ll be watching for our competitors circling our booth, looking for new product ideas. :-]

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