Mvix Puts 150 Business Data Sources And Widgets In New Portal

January 23, 2019 by Dave Haynes

DC-area CMS software firm Mvix has announced a data integrations portal with more than 150 business data sources and integrations – enabling end-users to automate the presentation of content from sources as diverse as HubSpot and court dockets.

The portal, says Mvix in a press release, includes data sources like Salesforce, Google Analytics, HubSpot, MySQL, Quickbooks, Shopify, Netsuite and more. Using data from these business tools, users can create charts and dashboards to display KPIs and performance on digital signage screens.

The portal is built within the Mvix end-user environment. End-users add data sources to their central repository, and then use a toolset to create custom reports and charts, for things like performance metrics and KPIs. The charts can be solo or grouped together to create dashboards. The dashboards are then deployed to digital signage screens, and auto-update as the data changes.

Mvix says there are many use-case examples:

By broadcasting the dashboards on digital signage screens, employees are kept in the loop so they can align their efforts to the goals that matter most.

“The Mvix data integrations portal houses core business data in one place. Blending insights and data from business apps like Google Analytics, Quickbooks, Facebook, Excel and many others will truly establish a data-driven culture and accelerate growth,” says Mike Kilian, senior director of business development. “When easily seen on digital signage screens, performance metrics and KPIs will be at your team’s fingertips and always on their mind.”

Data integration is not a new thing, of course. Companies like Omnivex, Capital Networks and Symon (now RMG) were doing live data integration more than a decade ago. But it used to be quite involved getting the data, and expensive. Now we’re seeing companies like Mvix taking advantage of all the programming interfaces (APIs) being opened up, and making it easy for end-users to visualize their business intelligence.

I know other software companies also have data integration tools and already-established data connectors, but I’m not sure I’ve seen a portal with all these data widgets.

Along with the relevance that real-time business data provides, the other big attraction for end-users is automation. If the data is solid, and useful to the audience, these are the sorts of visuals you set once, and then forget. They change on their own – which lightens the load for whoever go tagged with running the company digital signage network.

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