New Orleans Car Dealer Uses Digital Billboards To Troll NFL After Missed Call

January 22, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip to Datacall’s Tim Vance for flagging this …

A New Orleans man who owns multiple car dealerships around that city has booked LED billboards around the Atlanta area to troll the National Football League ahead of the Super Bowl there, in the wake of an awful missed call that very, very likely kept the New Orleans Saints out of the big game.

One message reads “NFL Bleaux It” and the other “Saints Got Robbed.” Bleaux = blow, if the New Orleans French thing has you cross-eyed.

Without turning this into a sports report, an LA Rams defender interfered with a Saints’ pass receiver, which should have resulted in a penalty and allowed the Saints to run out the game and win. The penalty was really blatant (see above), and either missed or ignored. The no-call allowed the Rams to go ahead and eventually win the game in overtime.

Saints fan Matt Bowers told a local TV station he has bought media time on 10 billboards in total, one right outside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where the Super Bowl will be played. The boards are in six locations and three in downtown Atlanta. They are up from now until Super Bowl Day.

Not the first time someone has used billboards to make a point …

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