Projection-Mapping; Video Wall Turn Airport Garage Walkway Into Stunning Display For Genesis

January 9, 2019 by Dave Haynes

This is a very nice, inventive projection-mapping job done at Toronto Pearson Airport for the lux vehicle, the Genesis.

BIG Digital, a Toronto solutions provider that kinda sorta specializes in temporary digital signage displays, put together a custom exhibit along one of the walkways in from the parking garage to Terminal 1, the one Air Canada flies out of.

Genesis, if you are unfamiliar, is a division of Hyundai, but like Lexus is Toyota and Acura is to Honda, it is its own brand.

Jeff Wismer from BIG explains:

It’s called the Genesis Experience, and the idea is to capture the attention of travellers coming from the parking garage into the terminal and take an otherwise overlooked area of the travel experience and create something special.

Basically, we took a new 2019 Genesis G70, wrapped it in a projection-friendly film, and built a custom stage in the Terminal 1 parking garage – in order to fire six projectors on to the car and a curved backing wall.

We also added an 11 screen video wall banner leading up to it, where the car content moves at the speed of the people mover, leading to the projection mapping on the G70.

This is also in follow-up to the LED video wall system we installed earlier at their retail store, located beyond security near the departure gates. With Genesis being such a key GTAA sponsor, you can now go checkout the actual car and talk to a sales person while waiting for your flight.

We worked with a few agencies and fabricators to pull it all off and I think it’s the first time I’ve seen projection mapping and video walls used this way to promote a brand vs. just some architectural eye candy.

I agree with Jeff there. Projection-mapping is awesome, but often the project seems to be more about “the show” and visual tricks on a big surface, as opposed to a smaller job that has very well-defined marketing objectives.

The job used Christie projectors and Resolume projection mapping software. Those involved :

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