Kiosk Mashes Up Robots And Touchscreens For Vending Machine Coffee You’d Actually Drink

December 12, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Drinking coffee that comes out of vending machines tends to be an act of desperation (or utter indifference), but here’s an automated coffee machine that serves up the good stuff.

A company called Briggo produces and places micro coffee shops that are like the oversized vending machines you see in airports for Best Buy, except with robotic arms inside that brew and serve lattes and Americanos. The ordering and interaction at a Coffee Haus is done either starting with a mobile app or with touchscreens that are built into the kiosk.

There’s one now at the airport in Austin, Texas, as well as five other locations, mostly in and around Austin, the home base of the start-up that does these.

Pretty damn cool, and an interesting mash-up of mobile, interactive touchscreens and robotics. Also a nice reference solution for Elo – the display part of the solution.

If they tech is reliable, and the coffee good, you could imagine this concept growing. It takes far less physical space than a typical coffee stand and, of course, the baristas are bots instead of people. Not good for jobs, but hard-core baristas don’t work at airport stands or office complexes.

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