New Bangkok Skycraper’s Main Elevator Has OLED-Lined Walls And Ceiling

December 3, 2018 by Dave Haynes

As someone who got started in digital signage 20 years ago by putting screens in skyscraper elevators – single 12-inch screens that cost $2,500 each – it’s a little freaky to read about an elevator that has its walls and ceilings all lined with 55-inch OLEDs.

This is a 360 video – you have to watch on your smartphone to get the 360 effect. Online, it looks very weird.

The ride up to the observatory level at Thailand’s tallest skyscraper, the 78-floor MahaNakhon Tower, features and elevator cab that had custom content running on 56 LG OLED 55s – creating a virtual reality effect.

The OLEDs are paper thin and add very little weight – which is a big deal for something that needs to lift crowds of people all day.

LG Electronics earlier installed similar signage in an elevator of South Korea’s tallest building, Lotte World Tower in Seoul.

  1. Menu Boards says:

    Such entrainment for customers is really gonna cost up high to the tower management, lol.
    But this is a smart idea and very good implementation.

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