Mall Research Suggests Targeted Digital OOH Ads Can Drive Double-Digit Store Sales

November 15, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Here is a too-rare example of a brand or brands actually sharing field research data based on the cause and effect of Digital OOH mall advertising on sales.

The brand ventures wing of the big shopping mall concern Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (URW) did a pilot program this fall with the French analytics firm Quividi to test assumptions that targeted advertising on mall screens  drives higher ad attention time and boost sales on promoted products.

The pilot ran for two weeks on indoor digital posters across nine shopping centers, working with the shoes and accessories brand Aldo and the jeweller PANDORA.

The first week was the control period, with sales data collected from the brands in targeted stores, while there was no advertising on mall screens that might influence sales or traffic.

In the 2nd week, Quividi collected data from the nine shopping centers, 2 continuing to act as control malls with nothing new and the other seven running generic and targeted creative,

The pilot, says a press release, compared the two types of advertisements to better understand which type of creative resonates better – both ultimately positively impacting revenues.

Aldo’s targeted ads drove a higher attention time than generic ads (+31%), which resulted in a double digit increase (+11%) in basket size in-store. Pandora’s targeted ads also drove a higher attention time than generic ads (+17%), which had a direct impact at the register (+16% increase in number of transactions).

“As the digital space has continued to evolve over the past two decades, out of home advertising has been overlooked,” says Claudia DeVivo Retail Marketing Manager for PANDORA, U.S.  “Creativity is limited, targeting is challenging, and attribution is impossible. With the advanced dynamic content triggers of URW’s new digital out of home displays, we were able to enhance the creative storytelling power of our advertising, garnering increased brand consideration, and transactions. This exciting innovation allowed us to deliver a relevant and compelling campaign, and provided a level of measurement not traditionally experienced with this medium.”

“These results show how impactful Quividi’s campaign contextualization technologies are to brand retailers, which can play the most highly targeted content to drive in-store traffic and sales,” says Ke-Quang Nguyen-Phuc, CEO of Quividi.

This video runs through the mechanics of the pilot. The staged reactions of the people looking at the screens – particularly the giddy women starting at 00:24 – had me laughing out loud.

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