16:9 Mixer In Works For ISE In Amsterdam

November 9, 2018 by Dave Haynes

How about a 16:9 Mixer in Amsterdam, during ISE 2019?

I am working with secured sponsors on plans to host a mixer at the RAI venue, where Integrated Systems Europe is staged, at the tail end of one of the show days. It would be quite similar to the mixer I’ve been doing for ages in Las Vegas at the front end of Digital Signage Expo. Except there would be Belgian and Dutch beer, I hope!

The nice thing about this arrangement is that the venue – a restaurant and bar – is right on site, so there will be no need to get on a coat, find a taxi or hop a subway line to travel to a remote event. It will wrap up by 6, so there’s still a full evening available to hit other events, or collapse back in a hotel room or AirBnB rental.

IAdea and Samsung are the sponsors, with full credit to John Wang of IAdea for raising the idea of doing this, and Damon Crowhurst of Samsung for giving the nod for his company’s backing.

Watch here for details to come.

  1. Stan Richter says:

    Great iAdea! We are totaly in.

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