When Menu Screen Goes Out, Go Back To Print?

October 11, 2018 by Dave Haynes

This is even weirder than the McCafe label thing …

A Toronto reader snapped a shot at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto – arguably Canada’s ritziest shopping centre – that had a food court WSR vendor using a whole printed menu sign OVER the digital menu display. This was from about six weeks ago.

Cheaper, I suppose, than replacing a dead screen/player, but really???

One of the ways smart QSRs plan for outages is having a plan and designs in place that get the critical items from a player  that goes out on to the surviving players/screens – maybe images get smaller, a promo drops off, or whatever.

To the defence of the operator, the print piece has more visual pop than the displays – which seems to be losing the brightness battle with ambient light.

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