Suzuki Rolls Out French Dealer Network Using Sony’s Digital Signage Solution. Yeah, Sony …

October 9, 2018 by Dave Haynes

It is reasonable to suggest that Sony has been, at most, on the fringes of the digital signage industry for many years. So it’s interesting to stumble across indications that it 1) has a solution and 2) it’s getting used.

From UK-based AV magazine comes news that Suzuki France has more than 100 motorcycle dealerships running networked screens built around a solution that includes Sony Bravia displays and the electronics giant’s own Teos Manage CMS solution.

The solution, reports AV, is a big upgrade from an earlier scheme that used USB sticks to drive content.

It’s not clear to me if this runs off embedded smarts on the display panels, or the Teos Player set-top box, which appears to be a little Android box. Think it’s a player in the panel, as Suzuki France says all it does is connect the panel to the cloud.


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