Interactive Wall, Touted As World’s Largest, Switches On At Riyadh Rail Hub

This is what’s being billed as the largest interactive video wall on the planet – set in a rail hub in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The project was put together for the Saudi Arabia Railway (SAR) by the huge Spanish integrator Trison. The job required a curved interactive screen that would be 37 meters wide and 1.2 meters high. Trison’s techs used 54 LG 55-inch high-bright, thin-bezel LCD monitors, stacked one atop another.

The resulting 51,840 by 2,160 pixel canvas shows the development of the ambitious high-speed railway that now connects major centers in the country. Details are a bit scant on how the touch is done, but there are multiple interaction points and it looks like there are camera-based sensors looming over top of the wall which can trigger content as people walk by.

The structure was built in Spain and shipped to Riyadh.

Very impressive, in a money-is-no-object kind of way. You need big visuals like this to fill a cavernous space like that rail terminal, which is roughly a billion times nice than anything you’ll find in North America or Europe. Given it is Saudi Arabia, you’d kind of expect this to be done these days with fine-pitch LED. But interactive is NOT something that LED can deliver, at least not right now.

There’s always a set of screens, somewhere, that’s bigger, so not sure if this is really the largest in the world. But it certainly qualifies as big.