Moscow Subway Kiosk Demands Riders Give It 30 Squats, For A Free Ticket

October 2, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Today in Stupid People Tricks in Digital Out Of Home we have the people of Moscow being asked to do 30 squats in front of a subway kiosk to then get a free ride.

The Moscow metro system, presumably in some sports-themed co-promotion with the Visa credit card people, has set up a camera-based sensor on at least one ticket dispensing machine in a station, encouraging people to give it 30. It has some basic machine-learning that, I am guessing, counts peoples’ heads bobbing in and out of its line of sight and hands out a ticket.

The kiosk screens does a visual countdown on the number of squats required.

Interesting, but it is again one of those things that likely needs to be staffed to get people using. The promotion runs through this fall.

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