Bangkok Mall Turns Glass Curtain Wall Into Multimedia Spectacular

September 27, 2018 by Dave Haynes

A new attraction aimed at bringing people to a Bangkok shopping mall lit up in that city on Sept. 15 – using what I am guessing is a lot of projectors, lasers and other gadgets.

The nightly show, called the “Colors of Bangkok”, was created by Montreal’s Moment Factory for the CentralWorld mall, and touted as the world’s largest digital interactive display. The Panoramix display stretches across a 180-meter wide facade and totals 3,790 square meters.

Along with video, the show uses sound and lighting effects, smoke and lasers. The facade also runs a show on Thai heritage.

Very impressive. The goal here, we can assume, is to bring crowds down to the mall at night to see the show, and hopefully draw a percentage of them inside to shop and dine.

  1. That’s a spectacular show I must say. Can you please mention the installer’s name?

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