AOPEN Releases Small-Format 15 & 19-Inch All-In-Ones For Win 10, Linux

September 11, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Taiwan-based digital signage hardware firm AOPEN has released a pair of small format all-in-one touch displays aimed at the self-service and retail market – the interesting twist being their support for Windows 10 and Linux.

The company previously released all-in-ones built around ChromeOS, and the general trend of late has been all-in-ones using Android (which is Linux, but a very specific version).

The eTILE-X series will be available in 15 and 19 inch, and the company says the series will expand with different sizes, operating systems and specific features for different applications.

Says the company in a marketing email blast:

As the successor of the successful eTILE series, AOPEN developed an upgraded interactive experience based on feedback from the market. With the eTILE-X, a more versatile series are set to exceed expectations. Created for usage in self-service industries, the eTILE-X series guarantees a cost efficient, upgraded interactive experience. This durable piece of hardware is specifically designed for usage in commercial environments.

The eTILE-X is a fanless all-in-one touch display. A passive cooling sustem is integrated to ensure its resistance in high temperature environments. This makes it suitable for dusty, greasy and silent environments. The eTILE-X can be well integrated in interactive self-service kiosks and can also be used as a stand-alone kiosk with a floor- or tablemount.

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