First Buffalo Digital Signage Industry Mixer Set For Tuesday Night

September 10, 2018 by Dave Haynes

People in the Buffalo, NY-area active in digital signage are getting together tomorrow night in that city for a networking mixer, which I THINK was pulled together by Kevin Cosbey, who does biz dev for Arrow (Seneca).

The event is from 6 to 9 pm at EXPO Market, 617 Main Street, in the central district. The first drink is on SageNet – which has another Buffalo resident, Rob Suffoletta, working with it now.

Buffalo is no digital signage backwater. The big distributor Stampede is based there. Ingram Micro has a big office. The CMS software firm Inlighten, a longtime 16:9 backer, is also there. And I am forgetting other local connections, I am certain …

You can register here … 

  1. Kevin Cosbey says:

    Thanks for the write up, Dave! Your suspicion is accurate. I realized that I’m bumping into too many Buffalonians at events in other cities. It’s time we come together in our home town and talk shop. All folks working in or interested in the Digital Signage Industry are welcome. Thanks again!

  2. Robert Suffoletta says:

    Dave, thank you very much for the mention! We hope to build out this group/event and will look to include a day in the future that might coincide with a Sabres/Leafs game. Outside of great conversation and an awesome opportunity to network, we figure that a networking event the late afternoon/early evening of a Buffalo/Toronto game would allow for a very valid reason for our friends to the north to join us for a little “pre-game” warm up!

    BTW, really like the look of your updated site, nice work!!

  3. Not sure If I will able to get there, but will love to hear from that mixer event. I will wait for your post on that.
    Thanks for the information

  4. IV Dickson says:

    Dave, can’t thank you enough for the call out and hope to see you soon out on the road. Sounds like it was a great first event for this area!

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