Cancer Survivor Uses Times Square LED Board In Search For Kidney Donor

September 1, 2018 by Dave Haynes

A Long Island, NY man is using donated time on one of the big LED billboards in Times Square to pitch his need for a new kidney.

Bladder cancer survivor Marc Weiner lost both kidneys in treatment, and now requires dialysis to stay alive. His wife’s friend donated time on a 5,000 square foot billboard on 47th Street, which if booked by a media planner would cost $35,000 a month. The ad for a kidney went up on Monday.

Weiner’s digital plea – “My name is Marc. I need a Kidney. YOU can Help!” – runs eight times every hour. The media company that donated the space is willing to keep the ad running until November in hopes it gives back to Weiner what cancer took away.

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