From The Archive: Chris Riegel On Growing His Stratacache Empire

August 1, 2018 by Dave Haynes

It is VERY hard to find people working – full days, or at all – in the lovely, hot summer most of us are seeing in North America and Europe. A couple of podcast interviews have fallen through in recent days, so I decided to go into the archive and revive an episode from a couple of years back.

I’m in Montreal next week, and hope to get at least a couple of interviews in the can while there.

This is a chat from about 18 months ago with Chris Riegel, the Founder and CEO of Stratacache. We did the interview while were both attending ISE 2017.

Riegel got into a lot of things in this podcast – notably how his company got to north of $500 million in sales in 2016 and how he plans to double that within a couple of years. We also talk about how he got started and how he manages a high-growth company that now has some 750 people, but is very much centered around him.

This is a seriously smart, ambitious guy. He’s also a smart-ass and doesn’t bother using much of a filter when it comes to things like talking about companies he sees as the real enemy in this business.

If you haven’t heard, enjoy. If you have, have another listen.

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