10net, Unified Brand Forge Digital Signage Solutions Partnership

August 1, 2018 by Dave Haynes

A pair of well-established digital signage solutions companies have put together a cross-border partnership to make them both more competitive and broaden their offers.

10net, based in Vancouver, BC, and Unified Brand, based in Phoenix, AZ, say they are “joining forces to create a more personalized digital experience” for customers, working off the age-old idea that two heads are better than one.

“10net is pumped to work alongside Unified Brand. As an experiential design team, now we have a greater capability to offer a directed customized content ‘channel’ – which happens to be in-line with our primary mission of maximizing a personalized guest experience,” says Dan Hagen, CEO of 10net.

“We are excited to partner with 10net in an effort to make both of our companies more competitive in the market space,” says Will Worosylla, President and CRO of Unified Brand. “We have recognized that customers want an end-to-end solution that includes the key piece of any digital signage solution, and that is the content curation and management on the back-end of the installed solution.”

This is not, unless I am missing it, a merger or formal blending of companies. Partners is an over-used term in this industry and often doesn’t amount to much, but in this case I believe the intent is that to win larger pieces of business, you also have to be larger, at least in concept. A blended body with more resources and capabilities has a better shot at winning business with whale accounts.

The two companies have known each other for a while and been talking about this. Unified Brand has no reach into Canada and 10net is just starting to expand its reach into the US – with plans to open an office in the next few weeks in Portland, OR.

One note, if you know Unified Brand, is that Worosylla is now the front guy for the company, which has been run for years by Guy Tonti. He says he decided the company needed a new face and voice, and has made that Will. Tonti will handle the back-end of the business – admin, ops and technical.

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