IntuiLab Rebrands As Intuiface, Aligning With Flagship Product

July 27, 2018 by Dave Haynes

The French interactive software company IntuiLab has completed a rebranding exercise that concluded the firm’s name should directly align with the name of the core product. So IntuiLab will, going forward, be known as Intuiface.

“It’s a major milestone for the company as the interactive market accelerates and a unique opportunity for the Intuiface brand to become synonymous with the technology powering the reinvention of digital engagement for physical places,” says Jacques Soumeillan, Executive President, Intuiface. “This new brand and evolving positioning perfectly illustrates our growing ambition on the market.”

“Over the past 12 months, Intuiface has cemented its status as the market leader for interactive digital content creation,” the company says in announcing the switch. “It has experienced 30%+ YTY growth, tallying 1,400 customers in 90+ countries, with over 20k active licenses.”

“This growth,” the announcement continues, “reflects the increasing recognition of companies large and small that interactive digital content brings a host of added benefits over passive signage. This includes deeper, lasting engagement thanks to real-time personalization and the ability to track user preferences in context, generating actionable business insights.”

The rebranding comes on the heels of a Series A funding round and the expansion of sales in the U.S., including a new Chicago office. Intuiface, uniquely I think, has software that lets pretty much anyone (except my neighbour Shirley, who remains intimidated by computers, period) develop and deliver interactive experiences without knowing much of anything about coding.

The re-branding announcement comes at the same time as the company has released a new version, which now includes support for LG’s webOS-driven PCAP-based smart displays.

This switch makes sense. IntuiLab and Intuiface are so similar that mixing them up was really easy. It would be different if the company was Acme Software, maker of Intuiface.

Cool product, if it’s unfamiliar to you.

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