NEC’s Cool Projected Menu Board

June 14, 2018 by Dave Haynes

I liked this nice concept NEC had at its booth last week at InfoComm – a menu wall using projection on a textured, wood surface.

This is very different from a row of LCD menus set together in an array. In this case, a laser projector beamed the menu options on a dark wood feature wall. It’s the sort of thing you could imagine restaurant operators might use if they are trying to raise the image above that of fast food chains, but still have an order counter or a need for something other than menus handed to patrons.

A laser projector, as opposed to a tradition lamp projector, resolves the big maintenance issue with having to constantly replace expensive bulbs. Specs vary, but a laser projector running 16/7 should last at least three years.

Update – Noted by a reader, via Linkedin:

  1. Hi Dave. NEC projection is being used by Pret A Manger, delivered by Pixel Inspiration, powered by Scala



  2. It is a cool stuff to apply in a restaurant. Will must reflect on it’s sale value

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