Read Through Mark Boidman’s Digital OOH Presentation Done This Morning At GO2018

May 9, 2018 by Dave Haynes

There’s a pile of useful data in the presentation deck investment banker Mark Boidman  did this morning at the Geopath/OAAA conference and expo in Austin.

Boidman, if you don’t know him, closely tracks the digital OOH industry and the company he works for, PJ Solomon, does a lot of M&A advisory work in the sector.

He kindly and very helpfully posted a PDF version online here.

Among the key conclusions – traditional media consumption is changing and OOH is positioned nicely to take advantage of that change, as consumers spend more time on the go and things like digital posters and billboards can’t be avoided. You can fast-forward through TV or change channels – but the most you can do with Digital OOH is look away.

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