Possibly The Worst Example Of Buzzword Bingo I’ve Seen (And That’s Saying Something)

April 26, 2018 by Dave Haynes

This press release may set a new high standard for the liberal use of buzzwords, and having read it a few times, I still haven’t much more than a tenuous idea of what they are going on about and why anyone should care. It mentions digital signage as an application, which is why I’ve even bothered trying to decode it.

Directly from a press release …

e-Spirit today introduced new capabilities of the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform (DXP). Innovations include the next generation of its omnichannel marketing capabilities featuring advancements for real-time omnichannel content delivery. Other notable advancements include Predictive Targeting, Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Shoppable Videos. These innovations help CMOs challenged with the delivery of omnichannel digital experiences to evolve their engagement strategies for a digital experience edge. The FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform powers enterprise-class, personalized digital experiences for some of the world’s largest brands and more than 10,000 websites globally.

“80% of companies today are struggling to deliver experiences that meet customer expectations, making the need for digital experience technologies more critical. These new capabilities represent a leap forward in the DXP space, as well as for the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform,” said Jörn Bodemann, president of e-Spirit. “Innovation is the cornerstone of e-Spirit’s DNA. We’re committed to giving marketers advanced tools that solve their strategic challenges while simplifying digital complexity for increased time to value and a digital experience edge.”

Announcements include:

I note this as an example of what not to do when you issue press releases and marketing material. There are many publications that will run this convoluted word salad, as is, because that’s their idea of editing and publishing. But being successful at getting PR out there, as is, should not be cause for celebration, when no one can figure out WTF it means.

My advice – relatively plain language and lots of context. “These thing we’ve just released do these things and make it easier/faster/less costly/possible to do these tasks. This is how they work, and how they improved on what we’ve done or what’s available in the market, and this is how you can find out more.”

  1. Bryan Crotaz says:

    DNA is a helix. How can it have a cornerstone when there are no corners…

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