SICOM Picks Up Jamba Juice’s Digital Menu Board Business

April 20, 2018 by Dave Haynes

They don’t get a lot of attention, or make much if any marketing noise in the digital signage industry, but a Philly area company called SICOM is quietly building up a nice portfolio of digital display clients in the QSR space.

SICOM has announced that Jamba Juice has selected it as the exclusive provider of digital menu boards and other marketing and promotion screens in the stores. The smoothie and juice franchise has some 900 locations. It is likely owner-operators will have to be sold individually on the merits and costs of a menu board (and other screens) system, so getting to 90 locations, never mind 900, could take a while.

I am told by two very different sources, who would both know, that a very large coffee chain up here in the unfortunately still thawing north has also selected SICOM as its new signage solutions vendor – though working with the new regime at that group sounds about as much fun as doing full-time volunteer patient work at a dental college. Lotsa grief, not much reward, I hear, in that new deal (if it’s been completed).

SICOM Systems does end-to-end technologies and services for quick service and fast casual restaurants, and built the business up doing Point of Sale and Order Confirmation Units. The company also does digital menu boards and back-of-house solutions for managing the drive-thru lane and kitchen.

SICOM says it has more than 40,000 digital menu boards, and that its Point of Sale systems are in more than 6,500 restaurants worldwide.

  1. Being get tied up with any QSR chain as Digital Signage provider is a big thing for any company like SICOM. This will surely give SICOM a huge boost towards a successful digital signage company.

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