Last Day For DSE 2018 Booth Profile Submissions

March 20, 2018 by Dave Haynes

It is the last day for DSE booth profile submissions. I have to cut them off at some point and companies have had several weeks. So far, 32 exhibitors have provided profiles, which is maybe one in seven companies at the show.

I get how big companies have PR firms and those PR firms often have little or no sense of the media they pitch (it’s remarkable how many clearly don’t even glance at the publications they pitch). But I don’t get how smaller companies with modest or no PR budgets don’t take 15 minutes to knock out some answers and get some free profile ahead of a show they’ve invested, at minimum, $5,000 to be at DSE, and probably waaaaaay more than that.

Last year, 38 companies submitted.

This is the form …


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