ISE’s Final 2018 Numbers: Digital Signage 2nd Biggest Attraction To Show

March 12, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Integrated Systems Europe has pushed out a comprehensive report that looks at the characteristics of attendees of the giant pro-AV trade show a few week weeks ago.

The final headcount was 80,923, 59,098 attendees and another 20,207 people working at exhibits. There were also 1,618 press,VIPs and speakers. Of the overall number of attendees, 22,393 were there for the first time.

The biggest feeder countries for new attendees were, unsurprisingly, the Netherlands, Germany and UK. The biggest feeder countries for media coverage were the UK, Germany, Netherlands and the U.S. There was all of one media person from Canada (me).

The event is overwhelmingly male – 89% of the people with badges. Sounds bad but that’s also very typical for tech events.

It looks like about 60% of the attendees are managers or higher, with about 30% ID’d as owners, chairs, presidents or C-level jobholders. Almost half the end-user crowd is systems integrators or dealers, while about 11% are what would purely be called end-users, like retailers.

Channel attendees, like integrators, were asked about the technologies specified of interest to them. Audio was the biggest area, followed closely by digital signage and projection systems. The channel people said the biggest markets they serve are corporate, hotels ands resorts, cinema and meeting/presentation rooms.
A lot of interesting stuff in there, and very helpful (I’d imagine) for vendors thinking about getting a stand or end-users thinking about attending in 2019. You can download the full report here.


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