Elo Introduces Android 7-based Backpack Appliance To Drive Touchscreens

March 8, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Touchscreen-maker Elo is introducing a hardened Android appliance to drive its range of monitors, for use in applications like interactive digital signage, kiosks and Point Of Sale systems.

Called the Elo Backpack, it’s a set-top box-sized device that can be remotely managed using something called EloView.

“The new Elo Backpack turns touchscreen monitors and displays into fully connected systems with limitless interactive experience possibilities,” says CEO Craig Witsoe in an Elo press release. “The success of our customers deploying our small-format I-Series touchscreens is just the beginning. We’re excited to bring the flexibility of the Android mobile architecture to Elo’s broader touchscreen portfolio while simplifying deployment and management via our EloView software.”

The pitch is that using Elo Backpacks lowers costs, improves scalability and simplifies creation of things like  customized kiosks. The fanless devices run Android 7.1 (Nougat).

Built on Elo’s extensive understanding of peripheral integration and SDK development, Backpack supports industry-leading peripherals for scanning, payment, printing and biometric input via two USB 2.0 ports. Additional connectivity is available for an Elo touchscreen monitor plus Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI output, micro-SD, and GPIO.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor offers high-end features including support for full HD+, fast connectivity with integrated X9 LTE, and powerful 2.0GHz performance with Octo-core ARM Cortex A53 64-Bit CPU.

Elo Backpack is compatible with select Elo 90 Series open-frames (SAW & PCAP), large-format, open frames (32”+), IDS 02-Series & 7001LT displays and 02-series desktop monitors and is available to order today.

It’s not clear to me if third-party software – like a commercial digital signage CMS – will work on these devices, or if it is entirely an Elo solution. Something to ask at the end of the month at DSE, where Elo has a booth.

  1. Dave, I like the teaser close there. But juuuuust in case not everyone makes it to our booth (they should), I wanted to clarify that this device, when paired with EloView will absolutely support “third party” CMS applications.

    In fact, everything in EloView is third party. Whether a URL an APK or a full suite CMS, the power of EloView is delivering those apps with the lowest touch required while providing IT a real time look into their asset footprint.

    Lastly, this device now enables end users to build an entire display architecture (including NON touch) on one OS with one partner. No more splitting between touch and non, or between signage and kiosk.


  2. Elo’s new backpack enables a broad ecosystem of third-party CMS and ISV partner solutions. We looking forward to sharing more during DSE – see you there!

    Mike Snizynsky
    National Sales Manager – Canada
    Elo Touch Solutions

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