16:9 Projects Podcast: True Customer Experience At Toronto’s Air Jordan Store

February 9, 2018 by Dave Haynes

The new Air Jordan store, opened in downtown Toronto in 2017, is a three-story retail environment created with the notion of providing a true customer experience.

It features an underground kids-only concourse, an industrial-designed retail level, and an upper athletic training facility.

While digital signage is limited to just two areas on the top floor, the way in which Air Jordan conceived of the store as a holistic experience, shows how screens and their content are just a part of the overall environment.

On top of the DJ booth, you’ll also find two separate zones for what’s called the “Jordan Standard Games”, which are interactive display-based grid tests that compare your agility level to Michael Jordan’s.

I spoke with Mark McPherson, Executive VP and Scott Wouters, Director Project Implementation, from Advanced, an AV solutions provider in Toronto, about how this project is an indication of where retail could be heading in the future.

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