Hong Kong Firm Behind Clusterf*ck Kinetic LED Sign In Times Square Touting Job At DSE Stand

A couple of industry friends registered for DSE are on email lists for the show that included this one pushed out by Radius Displays, one of the companies behind the highly-ambitious, terribly ill-considered robotic Coca-Cola LED display in Times Square.

The launch videos and photos of that kinetic LED sign for Coca-Cola in Times Square look amazing, but the thing has been a technical mess. People who pop by the DSE booth for the small Hong Kong-based company that “designed and built” the thing may be asking questions like:

  • whose stroke of brilliance was it to introduce thousands of moving parts to a display when 3D animations would achieve 90% of the Wow with roughly 0% of the technical risk?
  • who thought New York’s four seasons of weather and Nor’easters were non-factors for finicky, precision-engineered quick-motion machines?
  • why are so many of the LED module blocks stuck open or closed, and why has the thing mostly not been working for the last many, many weeks?
  • do you still want to talk about this project or would you prefer we moved on?
Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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Dave Haynes


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