Navori Adds Support For Samsung Tizen SOC Displays; MVIX Now Runs On LG Web OS

January 22, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Many software companies are broadening their use of System On Chip displays, both with Android and on the proprietary versions of Linux run by the big Korean displaycos.

Switzerland’s Navori has already integrated with several display companies to get its native Android media player on smart displays, and at ISE ina couple of weeks will be showing a version integrated with Samsung’s Tizen OS-based smart displays.

Says a press release:

Coupled with the latest Navori QL Player innovations that are new for ISE – including web page authentication for password-protected page access – Navori customers are assured a dynamic feature set that outperforms typical, rudimentary software-based SoC players. Standard Navori QL Player strengths carried over to the Samsung integration include a proprietary graphics engine, broadcast-quality content playback, template and ticker support with multiple layers and transparency, player monitoring, proof-of-playback reporting, and automated software updates.

“2018 is the year where SoC displays will begin to dominate the digital signage market,” says Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori. “While these displays have proven popular with AV hardware-driven organizations from a cost and ease of deployment perspective, the lack of professional software and advanced features have proven less attractive to network operators. The momentum behind our SoC Tizen player innovation has encouraged further development between Navori engineers and display manufacturers that are now in process, including Sharp and BenQ, to bring the same professional features and performance to a larger customer base worldwide. We see many additional growth opportunities with Navori and SoC player development moving forward.”

The arguments for SoC displays is that they reduce equipment costs (no external media player),minimize cabling, lower theft and vandalism risks, and streamline installations, including on-premise labor time.

Also with SoC, Washington, DC-based MVIX has announced its device-agnostic Flex platform now supports smart displays running LG Web OS.

Mvix Flex, says MVIX, gives customers the same Mvix experience on commercial LG SoC displays without the need for an external media player. Customers get the full Mvix experience, in addition to:

You can read a thorough report on SoC here. It’s a free download.


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