Startup Kitcast Adds Jamf Device Management To Its Apple TV Digital Signage Offer

January 19, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Start-ups do themselves no favors pushing out press releases claiming world domination, when their brand is top of mind for absolutely no one outside their offices.

Eye-rolling done, we’ll largely skip past news that “Kitcast is the #1 digital signage software for managing content across any TV or display” and get to the interesting bit – that the San Francisco company has evolved its Apple TV-centric product to integrate with Jamf, a software toolset that allows schools and enterprise-grade businesses to implement digital signage solutions at large scale.

“By integrating Kitcast digital signage network technology with Jamf’s device management capabilities,” says a press release, “enterprise-level businesses or educational institutions with existing Apple-based infrastructure can now deploy Apple TVs without painstakingly configuring each individual device for its purpose.”

Jamf’s Apple TV solution lets users preconfigure devices before delivery, so they are largely plug and play once on site. “Apple’s tvOS 11 update, released in October, makes this functionality possible by substantially expanding Apple TV third-party support protocols. In particular, the device’s AppConfig framework now allows Kitcast to automatically register new screens to accounts, preconfigure playlists, and sync between multiple Jamf and Kitcast locations.”

A nice feature of all this is that the devices can be used for signage play-out but also for internal screen sharing during meetings, presentations, and video calls.

A faaaaaaar more established software shop, Minneapolis-St.Paul-based Tightrope Media Systems, announced its own integration with Jamf back in June 2017.

  1. Paul Wheeler says:

    Any DS vendor who is not selling “Easy” is missing the boat. Jamf looks like a great automation tool for apple TV.

    We ship our players fully configured and with a start up script that takes the client directly to the WIFI setup screen. Choose the network – enter the password – restart the player – done.

    If it gets any less easy than that our clients lock up and we have to do a field visit. At 30 dollars per month a field visit means no profit.


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