Vegas Airport Car Rental Shuttles Now Kitted Out With GPS-Enabled Ad Screens Inside

January 11, 2018 by Dave Haynes


It’s kinda hard to get excited about ad screens in shuttle buses, but a new case study out from BrightSign is interesting not so much for the product, but the insight and how this stuff is done in things that are moving, bouncing and bumping, and probably exposed to all kinds of power spikes and cuts.

If you have rented a car out of McCarran International Airport, you have almost certainly piled on a shuttle bus that runs you over to the the Rent-A-Car Center that’s maybe 10 minutes away. Each year, more than seven million people take those buses to or from the terminals.

Those riders are captive, so to speak, so Lamar Airport Advertising partnered with a local media company called Social Butterfly World, (I am not making that name up) to develop a digital out of home “infotainment” network (referred to as AVA –Audio Visual Ambassador) for the 45 buses. For some reason I think there were already screens on these buses, but … maybe … not … dunno.

In mid-2017, Social Butterfly World retrofit roughly half of the fleet, with the rest due to be fitted out with screens this year. The upgrade included installation two 22-inch LG displays on each bus –one at the front and the other in the middle of the bus – that have audio enabled.

The displays are driven by BrightSign HD1023 media players, connected via high-speed cables to a video inverter. The audio signal is boosted with an amplifier and then routed to the legacy bus audio system. GPS detects whether the bus is traveling to or from the Rent-A-Car Center, triggering customized marketing content. Arriving passengers see information about shows and other activities in the Las Vegas area, while departing passengers see content about shopping and dining options within the airport.

Content updates are distributed to the buses by WiFi, presumably when they stop at the terminal and rental center.

You can see how the BrightSign box was fitted in …


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