DSF Announces 2018 Board Of Directors And Executive

December 12, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The Digital Signage Federation (aka DSF) has announced who won seats on the 2018 board of directors, as well as who’s on the executive for next year.

The at-large board elections, which concluded last week, saw these four folks re-elected for a second two-year term:

Newly elected at-large board members, starting their first two-year term in January:

Randy Dearborn from MGM Resorts and Mark Boidman from Peter J. Solomon Company are wrapping up their terms at the end of this month.

RichVentura, VP of Strategy for NEC Display Solutions, is doing a second year as Chair. That’s normally a one-year thing, but Ventura told me a while back they were going to stretch for two. Not entirely sure why, but it makes some sense with Vice Chair Spencer Graham, who was in line for the throne in 2018, quite recently shifting from a gig in the higher ed sector, as an end-user, to the other side of the table as a vendor, working with Real Digital Media and, by extension, STRATACACHE.

Jeff Kent of Cineplex and Brian McClimans of Peerless-AV have been elected by the board to serve as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.  Len Dudis with Grupo Vidanta who is currently serving as Secretary, has been elected to the newly created executive committee role, Director of Marketing.

My lawn sign campaign obviously worked better than expected, as did promising ambassadorships to anyone loopy enough to vote for me. I also want to thank  Boris and his online, social media and voting machine teams in Vladivostok for their very quiet assistance.

Interesting side note: This industry is anything but gender-balanced, like most tech sectors, but the 2018 DSF board damn near is. Congratulations to Sandi, Laura and Stephanie! And the guys.

  1. Stephanie G says:

    Thank you, Dave – a big congrats to you as well! Looking forward to collaborating.

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