Vote Early And Often

November 15, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The Digital Signage Federation has just sent out a link to its membership to vote for the next three weeks on new at-large members of the Board of Directors.

There are lots of great industry people on the slate … and me.

I don’t think I’ve run for election to anything, ever … or at least I don’t recall. But I was nudged and decided to give it a crack. I bought 100,000 lawn signs with Vote Dave For DSF, but now thinking that’s not going to work so hot.  Don’t tell my wife.

There are 10 names listed, and seven get chosen. My thing – if I end up on there – will be improving communication in the organization, and pushing to clean up some things like industry directories that I find messy, misleading and not all that useful.

For example – there are all kinds of companies, something liked 200, listed as consultants in the directory, including ones that rent computers and manufacture EMI shielding materials. In reality, there are a handful of people and small companies genuinely doing consulting in this industry, and the way it works now, they get lost in the swamp of names. And I am sure that happens in other categories.

I’ve mentioned this as a member, but it is easy to complain and much harder to resolve something that just organically happened as the DSF grew up. Somebody needs to focus.

I’m also running so that I get to hang out with Rich Ventura more often … so there’s that.

Voting ends on Dec. 4th and I assume there will be coverage on the major TV news networks … except Fox News, unless they can blame something on Hilary.

  1. Brad Parler says:

    Ha ha!!! Man I wish I knew about the lawn signs, I would have gone in with you to be on the reverse side 🙂

    Totally agree with the clean up of those directories and the focus I hope to bring – if given the opportunity to serve on the board, more communication and education opportunities.

    I’ve received so much value from the webinar sessions but wished that we had more of them. As a rather new member, I felt it was too easy to wish things were different and decided to be the change I wanted to see. Hope that we get to serve together as hanging out more with you and Rich Ventura would be awesome!

  2. Chris Riegel says:

    Pretty sure that if Haynes gets elected it has something to do with Vladimir Putin and the Russians….bring down the West by placing a Manchurian Candidate in their key DSF organization then they will fall.

    Personally I was hoping for Rich Ventura to be DSF President for life like Hugo Chavez….via la revolution….

  3. A. Jay says:

    Your email about selling your antique beauty brought me here. 2002 Saab ! seriously? what do you use to pull it?

    anyways, cannot locate the Buy button on this page – or was it Fake news?

    Oh well, the only reason I’ll vote for you is to get you to travel to DSF HQ (in Virginia). Our beers are >> that thing you drink up there.

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