Denver’s Airport Turns On 1,000-Foot Hybrid LED Light And Digital OOH Display Feature

November 28, 2017 by Dave Haynes

If the video auto-plays, my apologies. I looked at the HTML and it didn’t give me any clues on how to shut that off!

This is a new digital OOH advertising feature along the highway leading into Denver’s international airport, which is way, way, waaaaay east of the city. There is a 1,000-foot span of LED light poles that form a wavy ribbon in the median of the divided highway, with the light poles sync’d and evidently color-matched to the dominant color in the advertising running on a pair of two-sided (I think) LED display boards that pop up along the stretch of LED ribbon.

The Denver Post has a detailed story that explains how this came together with Panasonic and how it has kinda sorta gone sideways for the big electronics company, which has a major presence in the city, and specifically in the area near the airport.

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