16:9 Projects Podcast: The Story Behind That 13K LED Wall In Netflix’s HQ Lobby

November 24, 2017 by guest author, Danica Trapara

Imagine, while sitting in the lobby waiting for your next meeting, three walls around you change,  placing you in a cocaine manufacturing camp in the jungles of Colombia. Minutes later, they change again to drop you into a prison cafeteria in upper New York state.

When Netflix was designing the lobby of their new Hollywood head office, company executives said they wanted “Wow Factor” and that’s what they got with the 1.9mm 13K LED – 12’h x 80’w screen that dominates their lobby. The content is custom designed to promote Netflix programming, including Narcos and Orange Is The New Black.

I spoke with Meric Adriansen, EVP of Systems & Technology for video wall and control system supplier D3 LED, to get the story behind this impressive installation.

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