Here’s A Giant Whirly-Twirly LED Sign In A Chinese Public Park

November 16, 2017 by Dave Haynes

This is a set of rotating screens on pylons in a public park/square in Shandong, China, which is between Beijing and Shanghai. The watermark on the video clearly shows it is a Unilumin LED product.

It’s interesting. There’s a bit of a debate going on through a Linkedin post about it, suggesting this is pointless and will be subject to the same mechanical issues as the Coke sign in Times Square.

I don’t agree, mainly because that Coke board has 1,000s of moving parts that all have to sync up for the thing to look good. This would have a handful of moving parts and the movements are simple – go up, go down, and rotate. Yeah, they can lock up, but I think the relatively low risk of that is counter-balanced by the visual interest of these mechanical movements (which couldn’t just be done in creative).

I’ve seen the triple-triangle ones – or perhaps smaller versions of them – at a couple of trade shows. Those would worry me a bit more because the movements do sorta need to sync and align.

I’ve no idea who or what this is for but it looks more like a government thing than a media board.

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