Vistar Media Debuts Digital OOH Marketplace That Blends Automation and Customization

November 1, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Digital OOH ad technology firm Vistar Media has launched something called Marketplace Deals, a private online advertising marketplace that lets marketers and media companies take advantage of the speed and efficiency of transaction automation while still tweaking the deal to specific needs.

Marketplace Deals , says Vistar in a press release, allows out-of-home media owners like AdspaceCaptivateClear Channel OutdoorLamarTouchTunes and ZOOM Media  to “highlight the value of their unique inventory directly to digital buyers” and on the flip side lets media owners maintain control and transparency over the buy.

“One of the programmatic trends we’re seeing is the rise of private marketplaces to help facilitate transparency, and let advertisers execute custom deals with efficiency and control,” says Neil Shapiro, Vice President of Digital Sales, Captivate. “We’re excited that Vistar is now offering marketplace deals which will accelerate the growth of a transparent marketplace for unique, impactful DOOH media.”

“We continue to see high-interest from digital and programmatic teams for an automated means to access our unique inventory, tailored to a brand’s specific audience targeting needs,” says Ian Mirmelstein, Senior Vice President, Digital Engagement, Adspace. “Vistar’s digital-out-of-home PMP will provide the seamless execution and accurate, real-time reporting that these buyers are accustomed to … a first of its kind in our media space.”


The platform lets buyers and sellers directly negotiate the requirements for a deal such as targeting, price and specific inventory packages. The deal will then be available to the buyer through the Vistar self-service platform, enabling them to easily activate campaigns after a few clicks. Buyers get the ability to create custom deals for campaigns requiring very specific executions, while still being able to fine-tuned targeting.

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