A Big, Premium Video Wall … In A Parking Garage

October 26, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Here’s a sure sign that video wall LCD costs and digital out of home media demand and value have converged, at least in Los Angeles.

This is a twin video wall in a parking garage at The Grove, a higher-end shopping mall and entertainment complex in LA, roughly in the Hollywood area.

Tiffany Daugherty of Premier Dedicated Solutions tells me the install involves a pile – looks like 48 – 55-inch NEC displays. They have a cosmetic trim and a protective glass overlay. The advertising is sold by Outfront Media with the pitch that some 20 million go to The Grove annually.

These sorts of video walls are, of course, increasingly common in places like mall concourses and airports, but parking garages have tended to be the land of static posters in lightboxes.

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