Toronto LED Twin Ad Boards Get Implant To Make One Giant Display

October 13, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The big digital media tower outside of Toronto Eaton Centre is getting a little cosmetic work done – an implant, basically – to make it the largest digital OOH display in Canada.

The tower outside the downtown shopping mall and adjacent to Yonge Dundas Square (a more modest version of Times Square) has a pair of adjacent 90’H x 45’W high-resolution LED screens put up about a year ago by Clear Channel Canada, which is now Branded Cities. By filling the four-foot vertical gap between the flanking displays, the tower becomes one screen measuring 90’H x 94’W – for a total of 8,454 square feet.

The conjoined tower is about 45% larger than the second largest, the 5,820 square feet digital display on the Atrium on Bay (AOB) Media Tower, which is also run by Branded Cities. The Eaton Centre tower is there in a deal with property owner Cadillac Fairview.

At 8,454 sq. ft., it’s a big digital face. But in Times Square numbers, it’s not much. The LED Board That Ate Times Square – the one on the face of the Marriott Marquis – is 77.69 ft. (H) x 329.65 ft. (W), or about 25,700 sq. ft. That’s about 3X of the Toronto screen.

How it looks pre-implant


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