UNESCO Heritage Site’s Ancient Pyramids Projection-Mapped For 45-Minute Shows

October 10, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The ancient structures at a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site will be lit up next month by 19 45,000 lumens projectors for a special projection mapping show.

The Nocturnal Experience in Teotihuacan – a projection-mapping experience at the world-famous site – was done in early 2016 and is being revived in collaboration with the Tourism Department of the State of Mexico. The presentation is being put on by Cocolab, a company specializing in multimedia technology, and using Christie projectors.

Each 45-minute show, says a Christie press release, consists of a number of visuals projected onto the impressive Pyramid of the Sun, then along the Avenue of the Dead and finally reaching the Pyramid of the Moon. A total of 19 Christie Roadie 4K45 projectors illuminated the site with 20 million different color tones, enlivening the projection-mapping show, which is accompanied by the voice of a narrator telling the history of the Teotihuacan culture.

After putting in place a team of researchers, storytellers, lighting designers, scriptwriters, animators, programmers and engineers, Cocolab created a nocturnal experience for the Teotihuacan archaeological site, developing the technology and contents for the show, concerning the Teotihuacan culture.

The Christie projectors are placed in two mobile units, and are run from Mac Pro units using NUUP software developed by Cocolab. The total brightness of the image powered by the 19 projectors was in excess of 850,000 lumens, an impressive figure never before seen in Mexico.


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