Bunn Winds Down Consulting Work To Focus On Education Through New Center

October 9, 2017 by Dave Haynes

One of the better known faces in the North American side of the digital signage industry says he is re-tooling his business to focus on education, and wind down consulting work.

Lyle Bunn sent me a note saying he’s started something called the Center for Digital Experience (CDX), which is all about end-user education through things like workshops, webinars and panels at trade shows. The wording of his announcement about his plans had me cross-eyed at first, as he seemed to be announcing he was no longer doing  consulting so he could focus on consulting. So I asked, and Bunn says CDX is about education, and he’s no longer taking on consulting gigs.

He’ll make money from the education work in a few ways, including through vendor sponsorships.

“Digital experience is the on-location expression of customer experience, the improvement of which is a core priority for business to consumer enterprises,” says Bunn. “Digital experience encompasses a wider range of processes and tools than have generally applied to dynamic signage.”

Lyle, if you don’t know him, is a Canadian, now working largely out of a home along the Lake Ontario shoreline, northeast of Toronto. The “Center” is not a facility. It’s largely virtual, with HQ being that Brighton, Ontario home.

I’ve known Lyle forever. Very nice man and pretty much an amazing self-marketer. I wish him well with this, and can certainly attest to the need for more education for end-users – many still more hung up on the tech than the objectives. It’s also getting more and more difficult for individual consultants to to work in this space because integrators, solutions providers and even CMS vendors are including consulting in the mix of their services. That’s been happening for a while, but I think the single vendor, one-throat-to-choke thing is a real factor today in how end-users get into and go forward with digital signage projects these days.


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