Samsung’s Display Roadmap Adds More LED, More UHD, Ends Small And Square Screens

October 5, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Marco Nalli of Samsung invited a bunch of people in architectural/design/consulting up to the company’s Canadian head office in suburban Toronto on Wednesday for a bit of a lunch and learn, to talk about current digital signage product and the North America product roadmap.

I made a rare trip away from the live bait shop/office to see the company’s new digs and showroom – which I’m certain has a fancier name – and get the lowdown on a few things.

The centerpiece of the place is a very large 1.5mm direct view LED wall at the front of the room. I forget the exact dimensions but it was 50 LED display modules and about $300,000 if you can talk your spouse into getting one for the media room at home.

The visit helped clear my fog a bit on how Samsung is handling LED. The company bought YESCO in 2015, and rebranded the company as Prismview. That company markets outdoor AND indoor (didn’t know that) LED displays, but stops at 3mm, in terms of how fine the LED pitch gets (they start at 25mm).  The big fella I was looking at in Mississauga this afternoon is made, I was told, in Suwon BY Samsung – my evidently incorrect assumption being Samsung had a contract manufacturer in Shenzhen, or was re-branding someone else’s product as their own (as some other big display names do or have done in the past).

The fine-pitch LEDs come in 1.5, 2 and 2.5mm, and 4 and 6mm are coming before the new year (which, oddly, would seem to compete with Prismview’s).

Other things I learned:

98 on left, 2 by 2 of 55s on right

My conclusion – I need to get out more and get these tours and updates more often, from a variety of display vendors. Two hours well spent.

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