Some LV Strip Marquees Switch Off Promos In Wake Of Sunday’s Massacre

October 3, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Anyone who’s been to Las Vegas is familiar with the giant marquee displays that line the Strip in front of hotels, as well as the LED billboards along the roads running to the strip from the airport and elsewhere. Normally, they’re visual riots promoting entertainers, restaurants and clubs.

But this week, at least with some of the properties, the schedule has been turned over to black and white, muted messages asking people to donate blood and connecting friends and families with agencies who might help them find loved ones in the wake of that awful shooting Sunday night.

I noticed on CBC News (Canada) reporting from the strip that showed in the backdrop how several big marquees were doing this, and a little searching on Twitter and via Google produced some results. I looked at a webcam up the strip, by the Venetian, and it looked more like the normal razzle-dazzle on them.

Right now, what MGMResorts, in particular, is doing seems right. The Mandalay Bay is one of their properties, but they have many along the strip.

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