Oslo Transit Shelter Serves Coffee If You Strike Up A Conversation

September 26, 2017 by Dave Haynes

This is a bit of a stunt, but also a nice, gentle heartstring-tugger of a digital out of home campaign done in Oslo, Norway for a volunteer organization.

The volunteer website Frivillig.no is trying to encourage people to spend time talking to lonely and shut-in senior citizens through a live camera and screen set-up in a JC Decaux-managed transit shelter. I’m not quite sure how the coffee cup just shows up (my guess is the thing has a field marketer hanging around), but those people who sit down and strike up a conversation with the old fella get a coffee poured, with the dispenser synced with the video-cam feed showing the man pouring.

Best part is the young woman at the end who is chatting away and tells the man she’s happy to keep chatting and skip her bus for a later one.


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