Keywest Technology Debuts Swiss Army Knife Media Player

September 22, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Software and solutions companies are always pushing out news of platform updates, but it’s not that often I see one of these companies talking about new hardware they’ve put together.

Kansas City-based Keywest Technology, which has been around this industry for 15 years, is touting what it calls a multi-use player that operate as a cloud player using HTML5 on Windows 10 or Linux OS, or as a standalone player running the company’s Windows-compatible MediaZone Pro software.

“We are creating more possibilities by expanding digital signage capabilities at affordable price points,” says Koytt Nichols, company president and director of R&D. “Every digital signage application has unique needs that in the past required different hardware, content management, configurations, and software. Our all-new multi-use 352 digital signage player easily adapts to the majority of ideas one can think of, from signage networks to interactive displays to video walls. By connecting this player to our cloud-based Breeze CMS, we offer almost unlimited possibilities to bring ideas to fruition.”


When used as a Breeze Digital Signage cloud player, the 352 warranty can be perpetual, depending on the service level agreement. If it is purchased with MediaZone Pro digital signage software for standalone applications, it comes with a two-year limited warranty.

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